LGBTQ books to read in 2019

My reading list of LGBTQ books to read in the next 12 months is phenomenally long, and will probably only get longer as the year goes on. Rather than list them all here I thought I would pull out a few of the ones I’m most looking forward to getting stuck into. Not all of them are 2019 releases, many have been published for a while, so let me know if you’ve read/enjoyed any of them, and what you’re looking forward to reading.


Top LGBTQ books to read in 2019


Book cover of House of Impossible BeautiesThe House of Impossible Beauties
Joseph Cassara

Set in the Harlem ballrooms of the 1980s, this book is the fictionalised account of the foundation of the legendary House of Xtravaganza – a love story, a story of identity, a story about finding your own family in an alienating world. It’s available to buy now.






Tales of the City
Armistead Maupin

I watched the TV series way way back in the day when it was first aired (and I was very young) so I’ve forgotten it all now. I’ve had Tales of the City, More Tales of the City, and Further Tales of the City on my book shelves for most of 2018 and didn’t get around to reading them, so I’m determined this year to get through these absolute classics of queer literature, about a community in 1970s San Francisco, and remind myself of everything that was great about the TV show.




Robin Talley

I tried to get started on this at the end of 2018 but fell pray to illness and had to put it to one side. All I hear is people raving about how amazing this book is so I’m looking forward to picking it up again and finishing it. This novel tells two stories of queer women, one from 1955 and one from 2017, and the connection between the generations. It’s available to buy now.





Proud anthologyProud

How could I write this list without including the book everyone will want to read in 2019. An anthology of stories, poems, and illustrations by LGBTQ writers and artists, this book is firmly on the top of my to-read pile for 2019.

It features stories and art from: Steve Antony, Dean Atta, Kate Alizadeh, Fox Benwell, Alex Bertie, Caroline Bird, Fatti Burke, Tanya Byrne, Moïra Fowley-Doyle, Frank Duffy, Simon James Green, Leo Greenfield, Saffa Khan, Karen Lawler, David Levithan, Priyanka Meenakshi, Alice Oseman, Michael Lee Richardson, David Roberts, Cynthia So, Kay Staples, Jessica Vallance, Kristen Van Dam and Kameron White.

It’s out 7th March and is available to pre-order now.



Last Bus to Everland
Sophie Cameron

I can’t wait to read the second novel from Sophie Cameron. I loved Out of the Blue and this one sounds like it’s going to be just as good, just check out the blurb:

Brody Fair has had enough of real life. Enough of the bullies on his block, of being second best to his genius brother, and of not fitting in at school or at home. Then one day he meets Nico. Colourful, confident and flamboyant, he promises to take Brody to Everland, a diverse magical place. A place where he can be himself, where there are no rules, time doesn’t pass, and the party never ends. The only catch? It’s a place so good, you could lose yourself and forget what’s real.

It’s out 16th May and is available to pre-order now.


Wonders of the Invisible World
Christpher Barzak

Aidan Lockwood lives in a sleepy farming community known for its cattle ranches and not much else. That is, until Jarrod, a friend he hasn’t seen in years, moves back to town. It’s Jarrod who opens Aidan’s eyes to events he’s long since forgotten, and who awakes in him feelings that go beyond mere friendship. But as Aidan’s memories return, so do some unsettling truths about his family. As Aidan begins to probe into long-buried secrets, the lines between the past and the present, tales and truths, friends and lovers begin to blur, and Aidan will need to confront a family curse before he can lay claim to his life once more.

This is another book that has been on my shelves for a while, but I’m making time for it early in 2019.  It’s available to buy now.


How about a book that doesn’t even have a cover yet? I have to include How To Be Remy Cameron by Julian Winters, because I’m pretty sure I’d read anything Julian writes and love it:

“A coming-of-age story about a popular, out-and-proud teen who is assigned to write an essay describing himself, and ends up on a journey to reconcile the labels that people have attached to him.”

Don’t worry, I’ll be the first yelling about this when it’s available for pre-order and there’s a cover ready to show you, but keep an eye out for this brilliant book, it’ll be out in the world on September 10th.


Blue Boy
Rakesh Satyal

First published in 2009, this coming of age story about a 12 year old queer Indian boy is one of the first books I’m going to be buying in 2019.

I’ve read some conflicting reviews but most of the negative ones have been boarding on homophobic, which just makes me want to read it more. The paperback is still available to buy.




Dancer from the Dance
Andrew Holleran

Another of those classics of gay literature that I’ve still not read (this one called “one of the most important works of gay literature”), so 2019 should be the year I finally read Andrew Holleran’s about a man looking for love in the New York gay clubs of the mid-1970s. You can buy a copy here.






What LGBTQ books are you looking forward to reading in 2019?  Let me know, I always need more to add to my shelves (not true, my list is already 75 books long for 2019 – and I’ll review loads of them here!)

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