The Sleeping Prince by Melinda Salisbury

Book cover of The Sleeping PrinceI don’t have much history of reading series of novels. I like stand-alone books that deliver all the emotion and heartbreak I need in one painful sitting. I think this mostly boils down to how impatient I am – I want the whole story and I want it now! So it’s with much surprise that over the last two years I find myself reading more series, and loving them.

One of the principal reasons I love The Sleeping Prince (the follow-up to The Sin Eater’s Daughter) is that it doesn’t just start where we left off, the story is told from the perspective of a completely different narrator.


Errin is not living so much as surviving, after the death of her father and the disappearance of her brother Lief she finds herself caring for her sick mother and barely managing to keep her head down and unnoticed by those around who who might not have her best interests at heart. When war comes to the village Errin is forced to make difficult decisions and rely on those she isn’t sure she can trust in order to save what is left of her family.

The Sleeping Prince delivers a complex and well developed plot, drawing in multiple layers of folklore and history. Errin’s world is full of uncertainties and her cautious but confident approach to getting what she wants makes her a character that I instantly loved.

To stay away from spoilers there is little I can say about the second half of the book, but I loved how the pieces quickly started to slot in place to tie The Sleeping Prince into the narrative from the first book. I love the way Melinda shows us the interconnected nature of the characters lives and how there can still be strength in vulnerability.

When I finished The Sleeping Prince I wanted to go back, to the start of The Sin Eater’s Daughter, and start reading again. I wanted to immerse myself in this rich and varied world, where the intimate private lives of such seemingly ordinary women create a dramatic impact on those around them and each other.

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