Wing Jones by Katherine Webber

Should you believe the hype? Yes, but it’s even better than everyone is telling you.

This is such an unexpected book because like a lot of people you may assume it is mostly about running, but it is so much more than that. In fact, I thought there was barely any running in it at all when you weigh that up with everything else going on in the novel.

This is the story of Wing Jones, her brother, her brothers best friend, but most importantly her amazing grandmothers. Wing thinks that her older brother Marcus is perfect, until one night everything changes.

Wing Jones is a story about one girl finding the strength within herself to rise above some pretty significant difficulties in life and discover a power and determination that no one, not even she, knew she had.

I loved this book for the daring way it chose not to have everything work out perfectly, for the brilliant diverse characters who I hope many young people will read and see themselves in. I loved it for the beautiful lyrical writing, weaving magic and love throughout each sentence. Mostly I loved it for the hope. Wing and her family face social and economic difficulties, but this is never sugar-coated or magically waved away, and that is so vitally important to read in a YA book. Instead Katherine presents us a vision of hope, that through hard work, determination, and the love and support of those around us, things can get better.

I can’t wait to read what Katherine writes next, because if this stunning achievement is her first novel, we’re in for a lifetime of brilliant stories.


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